Scouting and Guiding

CubsIf you are looking for ideas to fill your weekly programme, talk to us about our Scouting and Guiding cycling evenings.

We can run cycling activities for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides:

Beavers and Rainbows: cycling evenings include basic bike and helmet checks and lots of fun cycling games.

Brownies, Cubs and Scouts: we offer 1-3 week programmes to complete their Cyclists Badges

Guides: although there is no cycling specific badge for Guides, we can organise bike checks and cycle rides for Guide units.

GuidesYou can download the syllabus for:

The cost is: 220 for up to 24 unit members for two evening sessions, plus an additional mileage cost of 30p/mile..

We also organise scooter training sessions for scouting and guiding units. Our minimum booking is normally 2 hours (150) plus travel costs, but if you are a very small group, we can offer a 1 hour session for £80, plus travel costs (30p/mile).