Inclusive Training

Haddenham Cycle Training aims to make cycling totally inclusive and accessible to all, irrespective of age, ability, experience or level of fitness.

We are increasingly encountering trainees with a range of specific needs as part of our work in delivering the National Standard.
By specific needs, we mean individuals who require some degree of adaptation of cycle training in order to achieve their maximum potential. The specific need might be:

  • physical
  • cognitive
  • sensory
  • emotional
  • developmental
  • behavioural
  • or some combination of these

We are able to adapt our training to suit those with individual needs and we have experience of teaching children with autism, aspergers, ADHD, BESD and other needs.

We can provide training on any type of bike. We have a small supply of standard bikes that can be loaned for cycle training purposes. If your child requires a specially adapted bike, you will need to supply your own, as we do not currently have access to these.

Before any training is booked, we spend time communicating with the trainee's teacher, carer or parent to ensure that we fully understand their limitations and abilities. This enables us to tailor the cycle training to achieve the best outcome.
In these situations, we normally organise cycle training sessions with a ratio of 1 trainee to 1 Instructor and we recommend that a teacher/carer/parent stays with the trainee during the session. However, it is also possible to run tailored training sessions in small groups

We work towards the National Standards outcomes by breaking down each learning point into achievable goals, by using cycling games and other techniques. It usually takes longer to complete Bikeability Level 1 and Bikeability Level 2, but with the support of teaching staff and/or parents, it is possible to achieve these milestones.
Even if Bikeability Level 1 or Level 2 cannot be achieved, we issue interim certificates, badges and stickers to encourage and motivate the trainee.

Testimony from a parent: I would like to thank you for all the bespoke arrangements you put in place enabling J. to achieve his Level 2 Bikeability. Most of all, thank you for your level of understanding which made the whole thing possible.
He is so very proud of his achievement. The next day we cycled over the Southcourt Bridge into Aylesbury to pick up our theatre tickets, and then stopped off in the town centre to do some shopping, before returning home via our local shopping centre. J. was 'instructing' me as we went along!!!
HE has conveyed to ME that he doesn’t feel ready to cycle on the roads without me, allaying my fears of him thinking himself ready to go out on his bike solo, which of course he is not quite ready to do just yet!

Please talk to us about how we can help your child or work with your school.