Cycle Training for Schools:

Progressive Training Package

We offer a Progressive Training Package adapted from Infant Schools to Secondary Schools:

  • Reception to Year 4: Cycling Awareness Day
    We carry out bike safety checks and hold an assembly on the importance of wearing a helmet. Each class has an hour’s training, which includes cycle control games and activities.

  • Year 1 and 2 children aged 6+: Biking Basics
    Biking Basics is aimed at Infant School children who can ride a bike without stabilisers. This 3-hour course is entirely off road.

  • Year 3 and 4 children aged 7+: Bikeability Level 1
    Bikeabililty Level 1 covers fundamental cycling skills such as starting and stopping, gears, emergency stops, signalling, looking behind etc. This course lays the foundations for Bikeability Level 2 on-road Training. This 3-hour course is held off-road.

  • Year 5 and 6 children aged 9+: Bikeability Level 2
    Bikeability Level 2 is an on-road course suitable for children who can confidently control a bicycle. It covers the basics of riding a bicycle on the road, including road positioning, passing parked cars, side roads and junctions.
    The 6 to 8 hour course can also be tailored for secondary school children and adults.

  • Summer Term Year 6 children, Year 7 and above: Bikeability Level 3
    Bikeability Level 3 training is suitable for for older Year 6 children, secondary school children and adults. The aim of the course is to help cyclists deal with any road condition.
    Level 3 training is usually taught where trainees live, and the content of the course will depend on local traffic and road conditions.

  • Special Educational Needs trainees: Inclusive Training
    We have adapted Bikeability Level 1 and 2 to include Special Educational Needs trainees. Outcomes are broken down into smaller more manageable parts, enabling progress to be made at the trainee’s own pace.

  • Bike Maintenance:
    We can organise sessions of Bike Maintenance for children in Year 6 and above.

  • Reception to Year 6: Scooter Training
    Our scooter training programme is progressive and adapted from Reception to Year 6. It includes scooter control, pavement etiquette and priority at driveways.

Road Safety

We can offer a Road Safety Package that includes elements of pedestrian road-safety (footsteps), scooter training and cycle training. Please let us know if your school is interested.

Testimony from a mother: Just a quick note to say thank you for the cycle training you provided at school yesterday. My son H took part and had a great time. He came home full or enthusiasm and spent ages telling me about all the new things he'd learnt. He's got his fingers crossed now that he's passed level 1 so he can go on to the on-road training, but even if he hasn't it was an afternoon well spent for him.

Feedback from a teacher: Thank you very much for visiting our school and teaching so many of our children to ride a bike. I wish yourself and all your staff a very happy holiday and we look forward to working with you all next year.

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