For Individuals

1:1 Sessions

We are able to offer 1:1 sessions for trainees of any age, child or adult. We can teach absolute beginners to ride, teach those nervous about riding on the road to ride on quiet roads or take the more confident out onto busy main roads, junctions and roundabouts and teach them about journey planning and hazard perception. Whatever the level, we can give you the help and encouragement you need to get you cycling where you want. Please check our rates page and contact us for 1:1 sessions.

1:1 Children – absolute beginners

Most absolute beginners are cycling after a couple of hours, although we usually recommend that two one-hour sessions are better, as it can be pretty tiring. Once the trainee has got their balance and is riding, we start to teach them control skills and how to set off unaided. Trainees are awarded an ‘I can ride a bike’ badge and certificate and once they look secure, can move onto Level 1 Bikeability cycle training, either as a further 1:1 session or in a group (see below).

1:1 Children – Bikeability levels

For some children 1:1 training achieves the quickest, most successful results. It is particularly valuable if the child is nervous or has maybe missed some sessions of a course they were attending and wants to catch up. If a child is interested in cycling a particular route or in a particular area, one to one training can give them the extra confidence they need. All three Bikeability levels (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) can be taught one to one and Level 3 is often taught in this way.

1:1 Adult – absolute beginners

We love teaching adults to master the skill of balancing and steering and all our instructors are positive and encouraging. Learning any new skill is tiring and learning to ride is no different. Often one hour at a time is enough. It is very important that the trainee trust the Instructor and this trust is gained by going through the stages of learning to ride and only moving on to the next stage when the previous one has been mastered. The first thing we teach trainees is the correct way to set off and how to stop. This means that they are always in control and able to stop and start off again if they are not feeling confident. We support trainees physically as they gradually find their balance and then run along with them as they gain confidence. Once balancing is achieved, we can introduce steering and other cycle control skills.

1:1 Adult – Gaining confidence on the road

Adults who can already ride are often a little rusty after years of driving but no cycling. We can offer cycle training at any level for those wishing to return to cycling after a break, or those who want to broaden their cycling experience and tackle more challenging roads and situations. We base our teaching on the Bikeability scheme but in a one to one situation can either accompany you on a particular journey you wish to make and demonstrate and talk about the skills required for that particular journey, or we can teach more generically, covering most of the things you are likely to encounter. When and where the teaching takes place and for how long is up to you.

Bespoke Training courses

We can also tailor a course or session specifically for you or a group of friends, your child or a group of children. Contact us for details.

You can also sign up for one of our Family Cycle Training courses.

Have you ever thought of becoming a Cycling Instructor? Check our ITO (Instructor Training Organisation) page.

Your feedback

Testimony from a mother who booked a course for herself and her son: I was so pleased that I did Level 1 and Level 2. In three sessions I progressed from feeling wobbly and nervous - having not ridden a bike seriously for about 15 years - to feeling confident enough to cycle in town with my son. I felt I had to take some action because my son was keen to cycle but did not have enough experience of cycling on roads. We live in Oxford and the streets are busy and sometimes difficult to negotiate. Although I had ridden a little as a student, I didn't feel at all confident about how to cycle on roads - I wasn't even sure what the rules were. Francesca patiently guided us through each step. Every new procedure - whether it was understanding how to use gears or cycling round a mini-roundabout - was presented clearly - adapted to each individual's ability. We were shown how to cycle confidently and invited to practice each step. It was extremely empowering. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their skills and confidence. I would say it is essential for children and adults, like me, who want to cycle safely in towns. We are planning to take Level 3 in the next holidays

Testimonies from a participant to a group ride: I just wanted to write to thank you and all the trainers that helped me and the Genesis girls for our training weekend. I had the group to support me, but was aware of how attentive your trainers were with me. Since I was a beginner, you were asking…how was I?…how was my bike? You showed me how my gears worked etc etc. I am also aware that I was asking lots of questions and Norman nicknamed me 'trouble' ha ha!. I had loads of fun and worked hard to get up those hills, and am now very excited to continue cycling and plan to get up hills quicker now. I made friends and couldn't recommend your organisation highly enough. Your routes were beautiful, challenging and every trainer was helpful, a great combination!