Family Cycle Training

Family Cycle TrainingThe Family Cycle Training Course is designed to help participants learn the basics of safe cycling as a family. It is also intended to raise confidence in going out on the road together. The course covers:

  • Basic bike checks
  • Important pieces of equipment to take on a family cycle ride
  • Safe places to ride as a family
  • Starting and stopping
  • Signalling appropriately and safely
  • Appropriate road positioning for each member of the family when riding e.g. on a standard road and approaching junctions

The course is delivered in one session of 2 to 2.5 hours and can be adapted according to the participants' experience. Adults and children attend together.

What are the rules and legal requirement when cycling on the road? You can download our summary of the Highway Code for Cyclists.

Testimony from a father: Many thanks for your great efforts last Saturday morning with E and myself. We both enjoyed ourselves enormously. E is 9 early next month and I am sure she will want to start Level 2 training fairly soon.

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