Bikeability Level 3

Bikeability level 3Bikeability Level 3 course is aimed at summer term Year 6 children, Year 7 children and older.

Bikeability level 3The training will give confidence in dealing with all types of road conditions and more challenging traffic situations:

The course covers:

  • Preparing for a journey, including planning a route, weather, bike locking, night riding and carrying bags and children
  • Understanding advanced road positioning, including at roundabouts
  • Passing queuing traffic, knowing when and how to filter
  • Demonstrate advanced hazard perception including driver blind spots and hazardous surfaces

Bikeability level 3These topics may be covered if available

  • Traffic lights, using ‘advance stop boxes’ if available
  • Deal with vehicles that pull in and stop in front
  • Ride in pairs or groups with other cyclists
  • Ride on roads with a speed limit above 30mph

After a Level 3 course, you will be able to make a trip on any road where cycling is allowed.

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