Bikeability Level 2

Bikeability Level 2 on-road training is suitable for anyone over 9 who can control a bike confidently. The course can be tailored appropriately for older primary school children, secondary school students and adults. It covers the basics of riding a bicycle on the road including:

  • Starting from the side of a road
  • Passing parked cars and side roads
  • Appropriate road positioning
  • Turning from major to minor roads/or vice versa
  • Includes discussions about cycle lanes and highway code
  • May include roundabouts & negotiating road narrowings

The intention of the course is to increase the participantsí confidence when making road journeys.

Please note that once they have achieved Bikeability Level 2, few children are ready to venture on the road unaccompanied straight away. Confidence and road awareness come only after a lot of experience of cycling on the road.
We recommend that children keep cycling on the road with an adult, until their parents are confident in their ability to cycle independently.

What are the rules and legal requirements when cycling on the road? You can download our summary of the Highway Code for Cyclists.

Testimony from a parent: I just wanted to thank you for the level 2 course O. attended. He was so eager to demonstrate his new skills that we just rode to school and he is now telling me what I should or should not do. Now I feel I am the one who needs to attend a course! He has gained confidence and seems more responsible on the road. It is a great help, especially when you are having 2 to look after. I hope you'll be doing more courses at or outside school.Great job!

This is what Year 6 pupils from Oakley CE School thought of their Bikeability training:

  • I loved it. I would like to do more long cycle rides over Wheatley or Oakley
  • Doing the races was really really awesome (but my bum hurt afterwards!)
  • I loved our long ride to the airfield at the end of the week
  • I really liked the ride. I would like to go to the airfield more often
  • I think it was fun and I would be happy to do it again. I would like to do more games with riding in them
  • I really loved racing on the airfield with my friends on the last day!!
  • I really liked the end ride. It was fun!!!
  • I liked it when we go on a long snake on the end day to put all our trainng to work

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